Wednesday, April 8, 2015


SWMBO prepared an elegant dinner for our big day yesterday. Thick pork chops baked in a white wine mushroom sauce, asparagus, a mix of golden quinoa and jasmine rice. Lovely and it followed a couple of episodes of "Newsroom".

Today is laid back. A chance to use some windows pictures I took awhile back and have been hanging onto until inspiration struck. No inspiration today, really, except for the alliterative muse.

I wonder if architects ever think about the window cleaners.


Steve said...

Window cleaning is a hell of a job.

Stephen Hayes said...

These structures built from walls of glass have been around for a long tine, since at least the fifties, and I wonder what will come next.

joeh said...

I think the window cleaning is the last thing on their mind.

Judy said...

I was thinking the same thing the last time I was over there. They do need washing too!
The menu sounds good, you're a lucky man.

Sharon Anck said...

sounds to me like a lot of celebrating will be going on at your house this month. Happy Anniversary!

Thérèse said...

Lucky you!
I prefer not to think about window cleaning :-)