Friday, May 1, 2015


On this May Day, we shall return once again to LAST Friday when my quiet home was invaded by this noisy group of lunatics, the Heathen Tabernacle Choir, intent on shattering the peace and celebrating my 75th birthday. (Sound up, please.)

The caterwauling cacaphony has died down now but the memory lingers on. Here then are mugshots of the participants.

The Choir Directors

The Conspirators

The American Gothics

The Laughing Lovebirds

The Honoree/Victim

As regular readers know I always try to end the Friday Funnies with a picture or two of cats.

But the one I rounded up wasn't having any of that red nose.

Fortunately I did locate his cousin who, while refusing the clown nose, did consent to dress up in party gear.

Once again I must thank my friends for "honoring" me with their presence.

But be advised, you other folks, should a red-nosed choir show up at your door, don't open it!

In the meantime, keep laughing!


L Lewis said...

What a great group of friends you have!

Catalyst said...

Yes, I do.

Steve said...

Glad you documented it with your camera.

Tom Cochrun said...

We sounded as bad as we hoped we would! The red noses of infamy.

Stephen Hayes said...

The "Victim" and "American Gothics" look familiar.

The Bug said...

That was GREAT! I love the red noses :)