Saturday, May 2, 2015


In Louisville, Kentucky, and throughout the world today is known as Derby Day for the running of the Kentucky Derby.

But in Prescott, Arizona, there was a different kind of pony show today, named for a different kind of racer.

It was the annual gathering of the Ford Mustang automobiles.

They gathered, aptly, in the parking lot of the local In 'n' Out Burger. The classic Ford automobiles were present in every color under the sun. Even pink.

That car is owned by a lady. If the color didn't clue you in, what she had under the hood would have.

Another car owner brought a little bit of automotive history to his car.

Other owners just relied on displaying good old muscle power under their hoods.

With a little help from the logo of the car.

The classic Mustang steering wheel looks kind of fragile by today's heavily padded standards.

There were also some Shelby Cobras on display.

Though this one with the classic lines wasn't one of the authentic originals, one car owner told me. It was being offered for sale for around $35,000. He said if it was an original the price would be more like $500,000!

The owner of this black beauty said it had been rebuilt to Cobra standards.

What I found amusing about it was what was stated on the placard in front of it.


Stephen Hayes said...

Everyone should drive a "Stang at least once in their lives.

The Bug said...

I love the pink one! And it looks like she has an extra pair of pink fuzzy dice in the trunk :)

Catalyst said...

Good eye, Bug. I meant to mention them but now I don't have to. : )

Tom Cochrun said...

Cool. Remember Lou Palmer's classic?

Judy said...

I had one of those. Not pink. It looked just like that black one. Wish I still had it.

Should Fish More said...

Never had choice was a 68 Alfa Giulia Super....It would never have kept up with McQueen's beast out on the highway, but would have left him wondering in the city streets of SF.

Catalyst said...

I do.

Catalyst said...

Hmmm. I might have liked to have seen that.

Steve said...

Some nice rides. Lots of GIs buying new Mustangs (through the PX) here in Germany.

Val said...

I'm sure the Pink Lady did that as a nod to The Run for the Roses.

Jager said...

I rebuilt a '68 GT in the mid 80's. Once I got disc brakes on all 4 corners, Shelby suspension, decent tires and a set of really neat seat back recliners it was actually drivable, the ventilation still sucked but she was pretty and fun. 302 with a cam, electronic ignition, headers, Edelbrock intake manifold, modern carb made it go but did nothing for the gas mileage. Ford white with the C stripe painted on in Ford blue. It drew a crowd every time I stopped for gas.