Friday, May 22, 2015



(Thank God It's The Friday Funnies!)

And guess what. It's the Memorial Day weekend. Time for barbecues, beers and babes in bikinis.

Well, at least for the younger set.

As for we older folk . . .

Some of you may have the long weekend spoiled by allergies.

Or not. 

But never fear, modern medicine can cure what ails you.

Or home cures. Remember, mother knows best.

Uh, that should be "...there ARE 10 servings ...".

Oh, well, the editor's job has been active for millenia.

Ah well, we superior beings have these problems seeing the frailties of mankind all around us and . . .

So, leave it to the kitties to wind this up.

As always, I am indebted to kind donors and unknowing theft victims for their contributions. The last photo belongs to my friend, bookseller and poet Forrest Proper, who probably didn't know I'd swiped it. Unless I'm mistaken that is his cat Pyewackett.

Have a great, long weekend folks, keep laughing, and . . if I may be serious for a second . . on the upcoming Memorial Day, remember the noble people who have served your countries in the military.


Steve said...

Always good. Remembing those who served and gave all in their service.

L Lewis said...

The flags all lined up on the police station lawn are flapping in the breeze! I've walked Reggie over there a couple of times in the last week. A field of flags for Memorial Day.

Loved the Zen cat!

joeh said...

You can't end a sentence flipping the bird?

The Bug said...

That Nutella one was bugging me too!

Jager said...

It was nice today that a congressional committee voted to change veterans health care to a voucher and then left for the long weekend...

Tom Cochrun said...

Good weekend to you and SWMBO.