Saturday, June 20, 2015


Contrary to what you may have heard, the 15-year drought in Arizona is not over. It is dry out there.

And with that dryness comes the annual fire danger warnings. Right now there are no fire restrictions in our local forests but 24 abandoned campfires have been reported in this area in the last two weeks. With hot dry weather just one of those could spell disaster.

It is true that we had a wet spring but that has turned into a dry summer, with temperatures already reaching 95 degrees F. and humidity as low as 6 percent. It doesn't take many days like that to totally dry out the forest. And it's not even summer yet! The solstice doesn't hit until just after mid-day tomorrow.

So as Smoky the Bear always said: Only you can prevent forest fires.

And as Sergeant Esterhaus used to say on Hill Street Blues "Let's be careful out there."


Should Fish More said...

That's a odd paradox we experience in Montana, wet spring means lots of growth, which dries out and is kindling during fire season.
That was my favorite tv show for a couple years.

Steve said...

Guess you could use some of our rain.

Stephen Hayes said...

It's hard to believe people can be so careless with campfires and cigarettes. Shameful.

joeh said...

Well he calls them "Wild Fires" now, but I still use your version.

What idiot leaves unattended campfires? I was not a boy scout or a camper and I still know you have to burn them out and then cover all the ashes with lots of dirt and or douse with water if possible.

Val said...

As a recent recipient of seven inches of rain, I have the opposite problem. Let's hope your woodsy people pay attention to their flames and embers.