Thursday, June 4, 2015


From my Mexico days, I have this picture in my files slugged "Skinny Bruce". I think it was taken in Puerto Vallarta during the 1980's. It may have been posed to compare my eyeglasses with the ones on that sun visor in the background.

This one I know was taken in Puerto Vallarta and possibly on the same trip, considering my "outfit". The other guy is my good baseball buddy, Steve, who flew down from Phoenix to spend a couple of days with me.

As one of my nephews back in North Dakota once said when I was visiting them and showing pictures of our Mexico adventures, "It seems like everyone down there has facial hair!"

(I still do but Steve's long-time beard has been removed.)


Thérèse said...

Great look Bruce!

Steve said...

You do look skinny.

Tom Cochrun said...

Taylor you have certainly had a lot of fun and it's been documented!

Judy said...

Slim and trim! I like Steve's yellow short shorts. You guys were showing a lot of leg back in the day.