Sunday, July 19, 2015


Yes, the clouds were good to us yesterday. Oh, not these. These were shot a few days before and were much more benign. But the big dark ones coming in from the southwest yesterday (not photographed) brought mostly gentle rain off and on for several hours. A good soaking, as the old expression goes. From the looks of the radar, we may well get some more today. I probably won't photograph it. You all know what rain looks like. Well, unless you live in California, as some of my readers do. Sorry 'bout that.

One of the irritations that comes with the moisture, however, are these nasties.

That is a mosquito and I fail to see why nature created them. This one who landed on my Hawaiian-shirted ampleness quickly met his demise.

This is more my type of insect.

This stained glass dragonfly is one of several works of art in the lobby of my local library. I might even appreciate a mosquito if it was done in stained glass.

You've had your Friday Funnies for this week but I can't resist just one more which I discovered yesterday. Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed has revived his popular comic strip Bloom County after 25 long years of darkness. It couldn't have returned at a more opportune time, as you can see from this panel.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


  1. Love that cartoon. I also think God made a mistake when he invented mosquitoes.

  2. Best political cartoon ever. Well in a while.

  3. In some of the oddest weather long time natives can recall we've had an inch and quarter of rain accompanied by the wildest lightening storm I've seen since leaving Indiana. People here say they have never seen lightening like what we've had and more is expected, but it's produced blessed rain!
    Bloom County is a national treasure.
    Keep the mosquitos.

  4. I've seen that cartoon somewhere....dragonflies are a type of fly used on lakes in mid and late summer, I tye a few each year, each one takes an hour for me.

  5. Did you know that one time I had a license plate that said OPUSLUST? I love Opus!!!

    And now The Bug steps quietly away from this post...