Monday, July 20, 2015


That big purple and green plant in my backyard is called a Rocketman Russian Sage. 


But looking at some macro pictures I took of its flowers I keep being reminded of rock candy.

I'm not sure why. 

I don't think I ever liked rock candy.

I know my teeth wouldn't like it these days.

SWMBO considers the Rocketman a pesky weed for about half of the year and once the pretty purple blossoms disappear she's out there with some sharp implement hacking the plant to the ground.

But the Rocketman doesn't seem to mind. 

It just comes back in the Spring, maybe fuller than ever. 

Without a tear on its face blooms.

Rise again, Rocketman.

Live on.


Tom Cochrun said...

"Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone….and I think it's going to be a long long time til touch down brings me round again…." Sorry, the rocket man reference just started an Elton John lyric and now it won't depart.
Lovely plant though, despite SWMBO's bias. Here we call it Russian Sage.

L Lewis said...

Russian sage is pervasive. I think of it as a weed. Last year the javelina ate up two of ours and we pulled two more out with a rope around the tow bar of the truck. I have one left. My next door neighbor is very good with everything in the yard. I have watched how she trims her Russian sage. The best time to cut to the ground is late fall according to Ken at Watters Garden Center. Bees love it. There must be a trick to getting the purple to stay bright. Mine is old and faded. Like me!

joeh said...

I agree...rock candy.

Stephen Hayes said...

I'm not familiar with this plant. But I do like the dusty blue color.

Lowandslow said...

It seems like your Rocketman is a lot like our Mesquite just can't kill it. But at least we can harvest ours and use it to smoke meats. Mmmmm! :)

Val said...

I am not familiar with this plant. But I do like rock candy.