Friday, July 3, 2015


Friday Funnies fans, last week's common theme was such a raging success I decided to do it again. Actually my friend Lori who sent me all or most of those sent me most of this week's photos too. So for the Fourth of July weekend, let's go boating. Unless, of course, you live in California which has no water. (Well, there is that ocean, of course.)

Now since this is a story about adventuring on water, you might think my traditional closing cat shots wouldn't be available this week.

If you had thought that, you'd be wrong.

While this proves that a properly suited cat will take to the waves, here's a picture from Greece, perhaps reflecting the news this week from that sunny land of islands. Cats waiting for fishermen to unload their catch.

Now remember, even if you're not an American celebrating our national holiday, you can go out on a boat for the day, fishing or idling in the sun or exploring. Have fun and always keep laughing.


  1. Brilliant! Have a fun 4th, my friend.

  2. Wow, it's hard to pick a favorite, but if I HAD to, I'd pick the cats waiting on the dock for a fish dinner. :) Love them all!

    Have a great July 4th weekend.

  3. So much fun. My favorite was Unsinkable II. Happy 4th to you and your lovely family.