Thursday, July 2, 2015


SWMBO gets the honors this week.

From a visit to Florida Mexico some years back, that's her in the center surrounded by her sister, Treva, and T's husband, John.  

Always a good time in Florida. Except for the humidity.

CORRECTION: SWMBO saw this post on her computer screen and came in to tell me the picture was actually taken when John and Treva came to visit us in Mexico when we lived there. She says the photo was taken on the grounds of a hotel in Ajijic, Jalisco.



Tom Cochrun said...

Well, indeed you know who must be obeyed-and listened to!
I have never seen a picture of Treva. Thanks for getting that part right. :)

Should Fish More said...

She's a lot prettier than you.
How is that town pronounced? I had fair Spanish eons ago, but that one stumped me.

Catalyst said...

ah-hee-HEEK, ha-LEE-sco

Stephen Hayes said...

Women are usually right about these things. A lovely picture no matter where it was taken.