Wednesday, August 12, 2015


As often as I visit the local library, you would have thought that I would have noticed this earlier.

But I only noticed it recently as I was driving away. I came back a few days later and snapped these pictures.

It's quite a nice sculpture and it couldn't be more appropriate as a welcome to a public library.

There's a plaque identifying the sculptor and the donor in front of the stack of books.

Rock solid charity.


Steve said...

That is nice.

L Lewis said...

I think it is easy to miss. There's a lot going on in front of the library with the rock and plants. I thought it would have been cool twice the size that it is. Don't; forget the dragonfly sculptures!

joeh said...

Your noticing it was long overdue!

Tom Cochrun said...

That's cool!

Stephen Hayes said...

It's a fitting sculpture for a library.

Val said...

People have read the words right off the pages!