Thursday, August 13, 2015


Back we go, into the time machine once more. 

Back to the 1970's. 

The scene is a room in the supposedly-haunted old Connor Hotel, above the Spirit Room, in Jerome, Arizona.

Before the hotel was boutiqued.

In an unbearded moment.

Back when people still smoked cigarettes.

Back when men wore love beads.

And long hair.

And sideburns.

Pretty battered look, isn't it?

Here's a much more attractive one from roughly the same era.

The young and lovely She Who Must Be Obeyed, enjoying a glass of wine at a cabin at Kohl's Ranch.

High atop the dread Mogollon Rim.

Ain't she a looker?

Ah, the 70's.


  1. Good lord, you look quite sinister, somewhat like Raoul Silva or Javier Bardem.....and she is lovely indeed.

  2. Cool love beads. SWMBO looks beautiful.

  3. Judy is indeed beautiful--always has been. Great photos of her. As for the dude--looks like he could be an English punk rocker or a bad boy soccer player.

  4. An interesting comparison of partners. One of them is certainly very attractive indeed!

  5. Yep - she's lovely. Good to know you know how lucky you are :)

  6. To quote Stephen King:
    "Even if it is difficult to believe it, these years really existed"

  7. Ah, the 70's, is right! So many great things about that decade.

  8. That picture of you reminds me of my college roommate Mel. Same long hair, sideburns and cigarette.

  9. SWMBO is indeed a look guilty of something sinister.

  10. You look like it's the morning after you gave a concert and trashed the hotel room.

  11. No question, Bruce, you married up!
    Yes, I know, so did I.


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