Sunday, August 23, 2015


You fellahs probably can relate to the following song as well as you ladies can.

As I am trying to simplify my life I began last night going through a huge collection of cassette tapes. If you can't remember (or never knew) what those were, here's a picture to help you.

I discovered one I had been seeking for years. I had the plastic case for it but the tape had gotten separated from it at some point in the past. 

But, surprisingly, last night I located it shortly after I began this project.

It's called "Songs From An Aging Sex Bomb" by K.T. Oslin.

Now, I've never been totally into country music but I loved the songs on this tape, which came out about 1987.  And especially the song that became the Country Music Association's Song of the Year for 1988 - "80's Ladies."

I found a video of it on You Tube so here it is. Enjoy, ladies (and gentlemen.)

It's a little melancholy but I can remember a number of those "80's ladies" myself.  Good times!


  1. It is a bit sad, but very poignant.

  2. I don't remember that song (K.T. Oslin, for that matter) but it's a good'un.

  3. Completely missed that one! Age happens to all of us, at least the lucky ones.

  4. The year we came to the States... sorry I don't remember. Too much on our mind at that time.

  5. I love K.T. Oslin - I might even have that cassette somewhere :)