Monday, August 24, 2015


Why do we love our pets? 

Ah, let me count the ways.


Yes, I do love my cats but Catwoman?  That's a different story.

This is my Blackwell, who follows me around the house and lies near me.  Even now he is under my desk right next to my feet.

He'll probably stay there as long as I am here.

Is that love?

It seems to be although it could just be because I feed him and he's ever alert for that.

Now Muggles, on the other hand, is more SWMBO's loyal companion.

While somewhat more independent, as cats normally are, she does stay close at hand wherever her mistress lights.

She will come to me at certain times for a bit of petting. A very little bit of petting.

But she's basically SWMBO's cat.

The BRD lives with her constant companions, three (yes THREE) cats and a dog. 

A few months back she, who is a talented artist in many media, began experimenting with photographs, turning them into art portraits.

She's done several in this semi-surrealist manner.

You might like one done of your pet.

If so . . .

So ends today's commercial message.



  1. You've got your favorite and they have theirs.
    Good luck to Gayle.

    1. PS--What do you figure Cat Lady does for relaxation?

    2. I'm not sure who you mean, SWMBO, the BRD or Catwoman.

  2. I hope Gayle's business takes off. People love their pets so there's a huge market out there.

  3. In a biography, she describes an 'older' man having helped her early in her to comment, sir?