Saturday, August 29, 2015


Yes, they are.

Double-chocolate banana bread cupcakes.

Light, moist, sweet, delicious.

Recipe from the Smitten Kitchen here.

I've made it in the loaf form but this time SWMBO suggested I make it as cupcakes in a muffin tin.

She said they'd be easier to freeze and pull one out and thaw it when we wanted one.

I don't think they'll last that long.

Experienced bakers may know this but just in case: the baking time is about half what the recipe states if you make cupcakes instead of a loaf.


Jager said...

Can't say I'll be rushing into the kitchen, but I could use a couple right now.

joeh said...

The cupcakes also have less calories.

Tom Cochrun said...

Lookin' delicious! Let us know if they survive long enough for the deep freeze.

Catalyst said...

Oh, yeah?

Catalyst said...

I can tell you that will not even be close.

Stephen Hayes said...

Now you've made Me hungry. Shame on you.

The Bug said...

Yum! Man that looks fabulous!