Monday, November 9, 2015


I have my computer (a desk top PC, not an Apple laptop) back and it's working.

Sort of.

I turned off the monitor earlier and then it wouldn't come back on.

I finally solved it by pulling the power plug on the tower for awhile and then plugging it back in.

I don't know why that worked but it did.

So, now I have a temporary solution.

The damnable machine was at the "doctor" today while I was at a doctor appointment.

He said it was now fine.

Just a loose connection, he said.

I'll leave that to you to determine where it was.

So I'm back.  

For awhile. 

Or I may be.

In the meantime, here's my old machine, vomiting its guts out.


Jager said...

I got a screen this morning that said: start normally or look for solutions. I clicked look for solutions and the first was restart your computer. It went trough some kind of a digital evolution and started. We shall see what the future holds.

Tom Cochrun said...

Glad you are back. It is awful to be "un plugged" in this era. Looking forward to seeing more Oddball stuff.

joeh said...

I am an expert on computer malfunctions. First turn off all power and count to ten, then turn power on. If that doesn't work, gently pick up the computer and from a distance of about 6 inches drop on the desk. If that doesn't work, drop it from about 10 inches. If that doesn't work, take it into the geek-squad where they will cheerfully tell you it can be fixed but it will cost almost as much as a newer much better model. I am on my third in six years.

Tom said...

Gosh! If that's your computer, glad I use a laptop. At least I can take mine with me, if necessary. Solving your computer problems is a little (actually it seems like a lot) like fixing steam televisions in olden times. Of course it wasn't actually hitting the set that was key, it was knowing where to hit. Wishing you well with your ongoing adventures into computer servicing.

Thérèse said...

Be reassured; this adventure will last for ever,

Anonymous said...

Up and running, again. Good.