Sunday, November 8, 2015


Yup. After I finally got my computer working late yesterday afternoon and trying for a couple of hours to find some of my old programs, I took a break to watch the news on t.v., have my dinner and drinks, watch a bit of television with SWMBO.

When I went back to the computer the monitor was black.

This didn't surprised me as this new (to me) Windows 7 program tends to put the machine on a little break if the keyboard hasn't been activated for awhile.

But then I couldn't get it to light up again. Nor would the machine turn off when I pushed the power button.  Not until I pulled the power cord.


That disturbed my (non-)sleep but when I got up this morning I approached it with new confidence.

My mistake.

The problem, whatever it is, had lingered and is lingering still.

So I'm back to working on SWMBO's laptop.

She said a moment ago, "you still beat on that thing like you're still using a typewriter."

Maybe that's what I should do to my computer.

With an iron bar!


  1. Ah, the black screen of death. Or sometimes the blue screen of death. Remember when tech support says "Did you restart your computer?" Do you have tech support? Maybe you should have someone on retainer.

  2. Ha,ha, hah...

    My computer is 3 years old. The on/off button on the flat screen doesn't work anymore. When I shut off the computer, unless I kill the power bar. I go through hell to get it to start up correctly. I faked it out one morning by going through the start up with a black screen. It worked. I tried again the next day it didn't work. Now I have to unplug the screen before I shut down. Start the computer and then plug the screen in to get it to start the way its supposed to. I called my old IT guy and asked him what was going on. All Tim said was "WTF"?

  3. Huh, just read an article, on the web so you know it's right and all that...said that people who had this problem that it was related to 'inappropriate viewing' I guess you should delete your browsing history....
    I hate all computers, and resist the idea that they are our friend.

  4. Now might be a good time for an Apple. Did I hear that some place before?

  5. There will be no bites of those evil Steve Jobs products in this universe, er, I mean house.

  6. That's what keeps us young?
    I just changed the keyboard I had on my PC for a French one and I only have problems since...

  7. Plug your PC keyboard into the laptop and it will make it a bit easier to use..



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