Sunday, November 15, 2015


Autumn is a time of beautiful color in the trees as they change hues with the colder temperatures.

Lori Down the Street took this photo of the red maple in front of our house a few days ago.

Curiously it was on the same day that I had stepped out to photograph it.

I like the contrast with the golden leaves of the tree next door.

Meantime the tree just outside my den window has lost a good portion of its leaves already. Soon they will all be gone until spring.

The Weather Gods tell us a cold front is headed our way tonight and tomorrow and there is even a possibility of a bit of snow.

But don't tell SWMBO's Christmas Cactus about that.

It is blooming.

Just like the local merchandisers, it seems to be pushing the season.

But we are thankful for its beauty.

With its many buds, it may just stick around for Ye Olde Noel.


L Lewis said...

I haven't had a Christmas Cactus in years. I think they are like Amaryllis, they need to be put in a dark closet a portion of the year to force blooming. The Christmas cactus come in so many colors now. They are probably for sale on the window sill at Trader Joe.

joeh said...

One day a year, if it doesn't rain, the sun shines through a large red maple in our back and casts a rosy color on the kitchen floor. It is a little startling until you remember what causes it.

Tom Cochrun said...

Beautiful color.

Thérèse said...

Red maples are the most beautiful trees in Autumn.