Tuesday, November 17, 2015


London Bridge (reconstructed) at Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Catalyst, my late uncle Zenas Howland Taylor, SWMBO.

Probably sometime in the 1970's. (Check the dandy 35 mm camera around my touristy neck.)


  1. I was there sometime in the 70's too. Isn't it funny how the people who arranged to buy the bridge actually thought they were getting Tower Bridge instead of this one?

  2. A real camera. I used to develop and print my b&w photos back then. Digital has made some things easier.

  3. I was there in the hottest month of the summer. Rivaled Phoenix temps. Love the leaves on the ground. Good one.

  4. Great new header shot of the leaves. My cousin Gary lives near Lake Havasu and we too have visited the bridge. What I recall of the area is heat!

  5. Never been there, but I did see it before it was moved. What kind of camera was it? Couldn't tell if maybe it was a Nikon with the big mirror aperture it had above the lens.


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