Wednesday, December 23, 2015


In the lobby of a large hotel on the Yavapai Apache Indian Reservation a few miles from us there is a Christmas wonder.

Every year the tribe invites schools and businesses and organizations to build and display gingerbread houses.

The constructions range from the simple to the fantastic and it's always a treat of the season for youngsters and oldsters (like me) to view them.

However for me the biggest excitement comes from watching the model train that winds its way through the village and through a couple of tunnels, round and round all day.

Oldster I am but when it comes to trains I guess I'm just a kid at heart.


joeh said...

WE had a rather extensive set of Lionel Trains which my pop put up every Christmas. Finally set it up permanently in the basement. It had a town and grass and trees and all that stuff. I have no idea what happend to that set.

Tom Cochrun said...

There is something magical about model trains and elaborate villages. In many ways they are a time transport to some special time in our kid hood-real or imagined.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice. Nothing lie a peaceful train ride.


LL said...

The town we lived in, in Michigan, was home to Chris Van Allsburg. Many years, the little Breton Village mall did a fabulous Polar Express display and every kid got a gold bell. It was like the train out of Harry Potter. Just magical!

stephen Hayes said...

There's something magical about model trains and the way they connect us back to our childhood. Take care and Merry Christmas.

Should Fish More said...

Like Joeh above, I've lost track of the Lionel set from my youth. I remember all the joints between the track sections, the electrical connections from the transformer, the cars.
'Polar Express' came on well after electric trains being a Christmas thing....I wonder what it is that makes model trains be associated with Christmas for most of us?

Catalyst said...

My family, too, had an electric train and it was set up only at Christmas as I recall. I can still remember the heavy engine and the smell of the cars.

Zhoen said...

If you ever make it to Ogden Utah, there is a train museum with an extensive model train route. Well worth the trip.

Love the gingerbread house train tour, thank you.

Thérèse said...

The best display I saw was at the Botanical Garden many years ago, I'll never forget and so I can unserstand you feeling like a kid.