Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Back in the day when I was living in Austin, SWMBO and I took a little road trip one day and wound up down at the end of an unmarked* road in . .

At that time Luckenbach consisted of a very cluttered bar and a fair sized dance hall, as I recall.

We didn't see Hondo Crouch but we did have a beer and look around the place made famous by Waylon and Willie.

It's a good song and Luckenbach is a good place to forget about the outside world for awhile.

*"Unmarked", so the story goes, because fans keep on stealing the road signs that point to Luckenbach.


  1. Sure miss Waylon when I see and hear an old tune he sang or was part of.
    BTW, there is no road sign to Bolinas up on the other side of SF. It is a bohemian enclave of the first order and folks simply remove state or county road signs as they would prefer most of the world pass them by.
    Most of the residents are well known writers, poets, musicians and the like, including Joel Coen, Frances McDormand, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Alice Waters, the Saroyans and many others. Bob Dylan hung out there at a time, so did Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Richard Brautigan, Robert Creely, et al. Our youngest lived at Pt Reyes in a tent for about a year and she became a Bolinasane.

    1. Brautigan put a 44 slug through his head in Bolinas in 1984 at the age of 49. So it goes.

  2. Looks like just the spot for a rowdy good time.

  3. I love the song and have several Waylon and Willie records but I wasn't sure that Luckenbach really existed. Now I see it's real! But probably didn't look quite like this when the song was written?

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Bruce.

  4. Back in 1978 I had to use the song to promote the Democratic candidate for governor in South Dakota. It has been an ear worm ever since. Your travels continue to amaze me.