Saturday, December 26, 2015


I know Christmas 2015 is now in the past but some review of it is in order.

This is the Christmas tree in the showroom at Lamb Nissan in nearby Prescott.

I left the chair in the photo to give you an idea of the size of the tree.

The warranty on my Altima ended on December 5th.

16 days later the inside door handle on the driver's side broke.

It cost $75 to repair it.

As I said to the service advisor,  "Isn't that always the way?"

The elf seemed quietly pleased.

We went to the BRD's house for a Christmas brunch.

She's very artistic and always does a nice job with decorations.

The chandelier over the dining table was draped with holiday decor.

But it was what was ON the table that interested me.

Crab cakes Benedict adapted from a Bobby Flay recipe. Yum!

Meantime back at the manse, in spite of cold weather and occasional snow, one of our backyard shrubs was showing it's holiday color.

A generally happy Christmas season.


  1. Warranty expiration is a bitch. Always something expensive breaks when you are without it.

  2. Good on you and the family.


  3. Appropriately festive, colorful, delicious and happy.
    Minus the door handle and warranty expiration. Looks like the Grinch has some pals!

  4. Just remember that the 57 Chevy you lusted after had a 2500 mile or 6 month warranty.

  5. Glad that holiday is behind us. Saw Star Wars this morning. The Frontier Village Picture Show theater was sold out, so we turned around headed back to Prescott Valley Harkins theater, buying the tickets ahead with PayPal on our phone en route just in case. There were all of 12 people for the show. Choice seats! In fact, I wonder if the seats aren't the issue. I hear the ones in Frontier Village are very comfortable recliners with drink cups. Considering we go to a movie once every 10 years, just think of the improvements the next time we see a movie!

  6. So whatever happened to the "Twelve days of Christmas?" With the amount of food our house-sitting guests have bequeathed us, Christmas will last until Shrove Tuesday, which is Feb. 9th. next year.

  7. Great pictures, although I prefer my elves on the chubby side. I wonder why?