Friday, December 18, 2015


It's that time of year again, Gentle Readers.

Yes, it's the season of . . . . Star Wars, yet again.

Actually I think I saw the first one but I've missed the other six.

But there's another season rolling around, too.

Only one week to go. Got to get busy on those Christmas cards.

By the way, if you're in a part of the country (like I am) where the weather has turned cold, ponder this: the beginning of winter is still three days away.

That's all, folks.

Well, except for the obligatory kitty picture.

This week, a quartet just trying to stay warm.

Have a splendid weekend, friends.  

Only 7 more shopping days until Christmas.

And always try to keep laughing.


  1. See this one, Guy opens his freezer, a snowman is inside. Sez to his astonished friend, "I'm saving him for next year."

  2. Extra good stuff this week.

    I thought it was just me with the Star Wars. I also only saw the first and that was on TV. Liked it, didn't love it. Never saw any others. I think I still have a tape of the second.
    I won't see the last one either. More room in the theater for those who are real fans. I guess I am just not an action, science fiction kinda movie guy. Well I do love the Rocky stuff, some of that is science fiction.

  3. Kept all my kid's toys in bins and off loaded to him when we lived briefly in Colorado. He is making a fortune ($4,000 and counting) selling all his old Star Wars action figures, fighter planes, Ewok villages, etc. on eBay to collectors in foreign countries. Norway especially for some unknown reason. Go figure!

  4. Bruce, good Friday funnies.


  5. Good ones! I love your new header photo too!

  6. Great way to end the week. Thanks for sharing these tid-bits.

  7. Love the snowman cartoons. I've often wondered: when Mrs. Frosty the Snowman gives her husband the cold shoulder, is that considered foreplay?

  8. Cheers to you. Thanks for the grins.

  9. Nr 4 is for me, I am just back from the gym!
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Desert creatures, originally, they remember loving heat.