Sunday, January 31, 2016


At the invitation of the BRD, we went out for a Sunday brunch meal today.

We chose one of our favorite restaurants, the Plaza Bonita in Prescott.

The name translates to Pretty Square.

And it is a pretty place, indeed.

It's a Mexican restaurant with a huge menu, shown here..

(Note to those of a political bent: that's huge, not YUUUGE!!!)

We like the restaurant for it's gaily carved and painted furniture, shown here in a fuzzy picture (sorry).

Tabletops are also a thing of beauty.

If they weren't laquered, you might think that's too pretty to eat off of, wouldn't you?

Nevertheless we paid tribute to Mexico's cuisine, including its beer and margaritas.

Now, maybe, for that nap as a storm of rain and snow begins to move in.


joeh said...

Good food, good drink, a nap is inevitable.

Stephen Hayes said...

A full tummy is just th thing foe waiting out a storm. Love the painted furniture.

Jager said...

Homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs with chopped peperoni and cheese at 10. I was asleep within an hour. Oh and I had a bowl of granola shortly after I woke up at 5 this morning. It's raining and cold in Sunny Southern California.

Tom Cochrun said...

Looks to be a colorful and lively place.

Should Fish More said...

Looking at the menu reminds me to go out for Mexican while I'm here in Seattle. Butte has no Mexican (or any, really) good restaurants. The tables are great.

Anonymous said...

Nice menu.


Zhoen said...

Oh, that menu looks amazing. Hope you are well warmed and hunkering down.