Monday, February 1, 2016


This time the Weather Gods didn't lie.

This is what the back yard looked like when I rose from the Arms of Morpheus at about 7:30 this morning.

And you can't see it real well in my pictures but it was still snowing.

For awhile it was a white-out beyond the wall.

The snow cat was nearly submerged and the bird bath was not looking inviting to our neighborhood flock.

The BRD lives in Prescott, a couple of hundred feet higher than where we live.

She gets a little more snow than we do and sent a picture taken from just outside her front door this morning.

I had a late morning doctor appointment and found the streets and the highway nearly clear of snow.

But some earlier rises hadn't had that luck. I counted three vehicles off the road and apparently stuck in the snow.

Meanwhile the StoneRidge Community resources were on full alert and when you live in a hilly, golf course community I guess these signs are necessary.

But this is Arizona and by 1 p.m. the sun had come out for awhile and my back yard was getting back to its normal appearance.

As the late great Harry Chapin used to sing "All my life's a circle, sunrise and sundown."


Stephen Hayes said...

A fun dusting. Doesn't look too bad.

Tom Cochrun said...

Not our kind of scene. We are glad that you don't mind snow.

L Lewis said...

Really bad driving this morning. 32 cars stuck on an off ramp of 89A. Quite a few couldn't make it up Stoneridge Drive. I wonder if they just abandon their car in the ditch and walk home?

Jager said...

Out here, California Oaks + Heavy Rain=clogged gutters. I just cleaned them. (again)Sunny and 50 outside at the moment. My NY born wife checks the temps and Buffalo is warmer today than SoCal.

Zhoen said...

My sympathies. Always hard when places that don't get snow, get snow. Those of us used to it, ain't no thang.

joeh said...

I don;t mind the snow, but then I also stay indoors.

Anonymous said...

Dry and cool here in Germany.


The Bug said...

Pretty pretty - and the best kind that doesn't hang around. We've had so little snow this year we might forget how to deal with it. I'm not sad :)