Wednesday, January 6, 2016


The first of a lineup of storms has moved through California, dumping much needed rain and snow, and more is on the way.

It's been misting or raining for a couple of days here in Arizona.

Yesterday's early morning view of the fog was foreboding.

One expects to see Poe.

Or worse yet, Moriarty.

Or Sherlock and Watson striding through the streets.

"Come, Watson, the game is afoot!"

When I turned on my television set this morning a message on the screen told me service was interrupted.

Probably that means there is snow on the dish.

Sure enough, this was the view out my den window.

But the temperature is now at 34 and climbing so the snow has already begun to melt.

I see drops falling and splashing in the bird bath.

(Judy's invention is still working, by the way. Not a tad of ice in the basin.)

I've been busy in the kitchen the past couple of days, baking bread.

Actually all I do is put the ingredients in our bread machine.

It does all the work.

Nevertheless, the results are nice.

That's our standby - whole wheat studded with Craisins (cranberry & raisin).

But yesterday I tried a new one - a Parmesan pepper bread.  Tasty.

For tonight's dinner I'll prepare another Smitten Kitchen recipe - Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake.

We'll see how that turns out.

Being retired means one can just stay inside a warm house and wait these storms out.

Having grown up in North Dakota means I can say "Oh, pshaw, you don't know what a snow storm is!"

As I told my friend, Tom, in an email this morning, my biggest irritation will be having to climb up on a ladder to sweep snow off the satellite dish so we can watch television and see how folks in truly beleagured parts of the world are doing with their ice and snow and cold and floods.

Fortunately all I have to deal with is snowfall that comes infrequently and goes just as fast.


Bill said...

I also grew up in North Dakota and do NOT miss the winters there. Enjoy.

Jager said...

Take some of that parmesan bread, give it a dose of garlic, a couple of different cheeses (I use Fontina and grated parm) tomato and slide it under the broiler and get it all melty. A little basil on top, a bowl of soup and watch winter through the window. Our forecast calls for "relentless rain" and it is. As a ND boy, I don't miss the winter there either, but riding around in Howard's Belair convertible on a sunny zero degree day was kind of fun.

L Lewis said...

And I would dip that Parmesan bread in flavored oils! Yum! You 2 eat well. The snow was already melting at 7:15. Slushy streets. Love seeing the sun again. These past few days were too much like Murky Michigan for me!

Should Fish More said...

It's warmed up to the mid-twenties here, people are frolicking in the streets. The bread sounds excellent, I'll have mine toasted, with a cuppa.

Catalyst said...

Bill, welcome! Where in ND do you hail from? My home was Stanley but I lived as an adult in Jamestown, Minot and Bismarck.

Catalyst said...

Bet you had the heater on high in Howard's convertible!

Catalyst said...

Stand by - it's going to get very snowy this week. (If the Weather Gods can be believed.)

Catalyst said...

Coming right up!

joeh said...

New Jersey went below freezing this week for the first time this year. The weather dudes are having a stormgasm (stole that from Murr...I think). I was told it was 15, but with the wind chill it was -10. I stepped outside and there was no! Wtf are they talking about with their stupid WCF?

Tom Cochrun said...

Fresh baked break and nice pasta bake sounds like a perfect way to spend a snowy and chilly evening!
Rain for most of the next seven days over here. The mountains and grazing slopes are green. We are getting rain in good portions so there is time for soaking in before the next cell hits. Thus far we've avoided mudslides or rockslides.

Tom Cochrun said...

a k snuck in and took the space of a d. should be bread.

The Bug said...

You've had more "weather" than we have this year. And I am totally ok with that :)

Steve said...

Weather going crazy this year.

Bill said...

Bismarck and Fargo.