Thursday, January 7, 2016


The Weather Gods have proven themselves to have feet of clay.

Rising from the Arms of Morpheus this morning I opened the blinds expecting to see a blinding white snowscape.

But what did I see?




Just a wet ground from rain during the night and a light - - very light - - dust of white on rooftops and a few places on the ground.

We had been promised 5 to 9 inches of snow!

For this disappointing Throwback Thursday, here's a photo of a place where it really snowed.

That is my mother and I in front of our house in Stanley, North Dakota, sometime probably in the 1940's.

That is snow covering the ground.

And who left the door open??!!!

Well, the insulted Weather Gods are still saying we may get snow today but I think they've pulled back to 1 to 3 inches.

Or less.

Probably less, I'll bet.

And just to warm you back up, here's a photo from the 1980's either just before or just after SWMBO and I had moved to Mexico.

Those two wild men are Big Brent Bogdanski and Terrible Terry Taylor.

And you can bet neither of them was drinking straight Pepsi.

Terry lived on his sailboat and was thus known as a "yachtie". 

(By the way he is not related to me, in spite of his last name.)

Brent lived on dry land in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, and ran an amateur radio net.

He, thus, called himself a "terrestrial".

Good guys but hard partiers, as were most of the ex-pats we met in Mexico.

But it beat shoveling snow.


Jager said...

Nothing like Mexico morning at three AM in a working class bar in In Ensenada, I got to talking with the bar owner, he introduced me to Sauza Conmemorativa. I don't remember much about that night, but I do remember the lady bartender had a 5 inch knife scar on her face. DJB and I were the only gringos in the place. Oh and the bar owner's brother lived in Chicago.

Sauza Tequila Anejo Conmemorativo

Steve said...

I am sure they were nice guys, but they look like Mexican Mafia.

Catalyst said...

Brent was a former firefighter from Southern California. Terry was from Seattle.

joeh said...

5" that's just a dusting for a North Dakodan.

Should Fish More said...

Those two look like quite the pair to tip a few with.

Tom Cochrun said...

Yea, who did leave the door open?

Catalyst said...

Try Herradura Reposado.

Catalyst said...

It didn't even stay on the ground. Just melts as soon as it hits.

Catalyst said...

They were hard to keep up with, that's for sure.

Catalyst said...


B Campbell said...

Wow - what a blast from the past re Brent and maybe Terry. was just trolling around when I cam across this pic etc. And your photo - look like someone I know - I was in Mx abt same time on S/V Blue Chablis. hum - Did you know Brent now Silent Key since abt year ago. RIP

Catalyst said...

B, you look somewhat familiar, too. Judy and I moved to Mexico in 1987 but much further south, to Ajijic and Guadalajara for somewhat over 4 years. But we kept up with the "yachties" and were with a bunch of them in San Patricio for one St. Patrick's day party. The last time I had any contact with Brent he was living in Alpine, AZ, I believe. Other good friends were Harry and Bea from Sand Dollar II.

B Campbell said...

My husband Steve and I were live-aboard cruizers from 1992 until abt 2005. Well, actually we were on the boat until too hot and then back to Leadville, CO for the summers then we finally moved to Tucson (Oro Valley) about 10 years ago. No retiring in Leadville at 10,300'. Anyhoo - We got as far S as Z town but spent most of our time out the Isla Revillagigedos - primarily Socorro - chasing whales with research folks, did Sea of Cortez a lot, etc. Brent was a character until the end. He moved from Alpine to Snowflake. He went out hard, just like he lived. Joanne, his wife, is still there, maybe - she also was in very poor health. He got me into the Chubasco net and I still am a net controller every Sunday morning. Just a bunch of us old has beens still providing a "net for Maritime mobiles in Mexican Waters" -yeah, well, occasionally we have a vessel underway but do have a couple of regular stations S of border. It's what we do. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We "swallowed the anchor", as the yachities say, when moving to land, it was a blast while it was going. Have a couple stations that come up regularly on the net from Prescott - nice area. Will keep watch on your blog. Hasta Laters, B from Blue Chablis, KB0RIZ