Thursday, January 14, 2016


I have related in this blog some of the adventures and misadventures of my career in radio and television through the years.

But you should know, it wasn't always serious business.

This is a lighter moment at the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas in 1984.

Catalyst, then Senior Producer for KPNX-TV, Phoenix; now retired.

Jim Benneman, then a Washington correspondent for the Gannet News Bureau; now television anchorman, KCNC-TV, Denver.

Al Macias, then a producer/assignment editor for KPNX-TV, Phoenix; now News Director, KJZZ-FM, Phoenix.

Tracey Lyons, then a Washington correspondent and producer for the Gannet News Bureau; last I heard, Senior Producer, NBC Nightly News.

All of that talent but still a bunch of wild and crazy people.


Jager said...

The people you run across in our old business. I remember hiring Forrest Sawyer to do all night news casts on WVBF-FM. The (he shall remain nameless) didn't think Forrest had any talent and was constantly urging me to get rid of him.

Jager said...

I meant to say the GM

L Lewis said...

And I flew in and out of Chicago with Huntley and Brinkley and sat with from time to time and I wasn't even in the business! Just a teen flying home for the holidays from boarding school.

Should Fish More said...

Ah, halcyon days.....

Tom Cochrun said...

Convention Daze. Remember them myself.

Anonymous said...

Benny looks like Ron Burgundy!