Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Recently, the tree above the bird bath was coated in snow.

But, as I've often said, snow doesn't last long here in the High Desert of Arizona.

And it wasn't long before the sun began to do its work.

The moisture formed by melting snow began dripping and I watched the drops hit the bird's basin.

The snow cat in the background also was watching.

Drop by drop the white stuff began to disappear.

I know what you're thinking.

"Catalyst has too much time on his hands."

Or maybe, "Watching snow melt is like watching paint dry."

Both expressions may be true.

So be it.


L Lewis said...

How Zen. Most people wish they had that kind of time.

Tom Cochrun said...

Zen and the art of being the Catalyst.
Mellow, dude!

Zhoen said...

I never noticed your beautiful snow cat in the background before. Good to look slowly.

John Gray said...

Too few of us take time over things

joeh said...

You did know what I was thinking! How do you do that?