Monday, February 8, 2016


For you Gentle Readers who are not a fan of the brutal American sport known as football, you may wish to scroll down to the food section of today's post.

For the rest of you, harken to a tale straight out of a book of fairy stories.

The mighty but aging knight, Sir Peyton Manning, and his remarkable defensive forces yesterday took down the Knight Errant, Cam Newton, and his streak of panthers.

(Yes, a group of panthers is known as a "streak", even though they don't travel in groups.)

It was an epic adventure of romantic fiction.

Not even the biggest Bronco fan I know, Timmer, thought Denver would win.

The scribes in the sports media were certain, dead certain, that young, sturdy, handsome Cam would take the day.

Everyone thought that Manning had lost too much over the past few years to rouse his team to victory.

Well, not quite everyone.

The man known as Cranky in the blogworld made this stunning prediction days in advance of The Big Game.

Congratulations to him!

And may all praise be heaped on the brow of Sir Manning, who by all rights should now announce his retirement and the end of a legendary career.

As for his postgame interviews all he would say was that he was going to drink a lot of beer last night!


Okay, you fans of another subject - what treats we find in the Catalyst's kitchen - it is your time.

We did have oven baked baby back ribs slathered in Sweet Baby Ray's sweet and smoky barbecue sauce yesterday.

And asparagus and warmed-up macaroni and cheese and a salad and wine.

None of which I photographed, sorry me.

But I did get a couple of pics of  something I had baked up earlier in the day.

Home made baguettes.

They're sort of crude in appearance in part because the knife I used to slash the tops before baking was not nearly sharp enough to do the job.

But they were tasty accompaniments to SWMBO's wonderful dinner.

Nothin' like home-made bread.


  1. Great game. Payton should be given credit for not losing the game and letting the defense carry the load. As for my prediction, it was made based on the Super Bowl being designated Super Bowl "L" as they have traditionally done. This year it was Super Bowl "50" which If I knew would have totally changed my method of prognosis.

  2. Read the results this morning. Amazing and amazing looking bread.

  3. Well said. The bread looks great.

  4. Ah, the baguettes look good; very good. And they're not full of holes - like many I have eaten. Care to come over and open une boulangerie?

    1. I don't think I want to take on the French at baguette baking, Tom.

  5. Ooooooo that bread looks good. I don't even like bread much, but I'll eat homemade bread by the loaf. (Which is why I don't make bread very often.)

  6. Thanks for not posting pictures of those ribs, my downfall.

  7. I was rooting for the Broncos (well, Peyton), but I hardly dared hope.