Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Once upon a time my family came into possession of a copy of a genealogy of a branch of the Taylor family that connected with ours.

It was done by a distant relative who lived in Massachusetts.

Now when people get into doing genealogies they always look for someone famous that they are related to, no matter how distantly.

This man was no different and among the famous people he (allegedly) uncovered as being relatives of ours was one Winston Churchill.

As I remember it he was something like a 15th cousin.

Pretty remote if he was connected at all.

But at a young and impressionable age I seized on this shred of "history" and ever after have referred to him as my cousin Winston.

All of this is to explain why when SWMBO and I visited London back in 1985 I had to have my photo taken with a statue of "my cousin".

I was reading this morning about a head-on train crash in Germany and realized that I had been on those identical tracks on this same European tour.

The crash occurred just west of Rosenheim, about midway between Munich and Salzburg.

We departed a train at Rosenheim and spent the night there.

I remember it as a rainy evening in a somewhat dreary town.

Later I learned that one of Hitler's top generals had hidden out there for a period of time after World War Two.

And finally, for those of you who were disappointed that I didn't show a photograph of those pork ribs we baked the other night . . here you go.

We reheated what we didn't eat Sunday and finished them off Monday.


Steve said...

We are probably cousins also. Terrible head on crash this morning. Nice looking eats.

L Lewis said...

The old joke about digging into genealogy is everyone seems to be related to a king, not a chimney sweep.

Stephen Hayes said...

Those ribs look as good as I imagined. Did you know that statue of Winston is electrified to keep birds away? Winston was adamant about there not being bird poop on his statue.

joeh said...

I expect Winston has at least several million 15th cousins.

Those ribs look good, hope you had some wet wipes for after.

Tom Cochrun said...

Enjoy seeing and hearing of your travels. Your Euro-postings remind us of ours.
Those ribs look good enough to eat-- we would have been happy to share them.

Zhoen said...

Had a friend name of Wesley Taylor, any kin of yours?

Catalyst said...

Not that I know of but who knows. After I got over my big-headedness about Churchill, I learned that Taylor was the sixth most common name in the U.S. :)

Catalyst said...

I did NOT know that.

Should Fish More said...

Emily and I were gawking at Big Ben in '07 and wandered over to Parliament square, I don't think I have any pictures though. Ribs look just right, I'm serving 'breakfast for dinner' for the g'kids.....mashed potato pancakes, eggs, sausage. Not low cal, but Fiona still needs all the calories we can stuff down her.

Catalyst said...

I LOVE breakfast for dinner. I don't need the calories but what the hell.

Zhoen said...

That's my sort of joke. "You are from New York, do you know Joe Smith?"