Friday, February 12, 2016


Friday has become my favoritest day of the week.

Why? you ask.

Why because it's time for the Friday Funnies.

Play on!

Now why, you might wonder, would this guy do such a dumb thing.

Maybe, just maybe, he's practicing to be a pirate!

Have I ever mentioned that I love puns?

And also malapropisms, like this one.

But, to get to the meat of the matter . . .

"Fido steaks his claim!"

Okay, that's enough.

It's a beautiful day here in Arizona.

I hope it's equally pleasant where you live or, if not, that you have a warm fire to snuggle up to.

What's that? You don't have a fireplace?

Hmmm, can't help you there except to say have a felicitous weekend, full of fun and frolic, Gentle Readers, and keep on smiling.

Here, kitty-kitty.


  1. The guy with the boat is either really stupid, or he just left the emergency brake off and it rolled in...come to think of it either way he is really stupid.

  2. Ha! Thanks for the laughs. I really chuckled at the "inbred" pooch.

  3. That look on Fido's face says it all!

  4. Chickens, eh?

    And of course, thanks for the reference to Eleanor my pancake eating cat.

    I think one of your comments is spam, btw.

    1. That horse-loving chicken is hilarious. Neither of our present two cats will go near human food. And, yes, I got rid of the spam content. One a day but most of them don't get on the site.

  5. No favorites today - they're all hilarious!