Thursday, February 11, 2016


Summer of 1980.

I had just finished a week or so of work in New York City, where our t.v. crew from Phoenix had been covering the Democratic National Convention.

While the rest of our team went on their way I took the train down to Washington.

My sons were living in Gaithersburg, Maryland, just outside of D.C. and I had not seen them for awhile.

We had dinner in Georgetown and my older son, Troy, went on to a previously planned trip to the beach with his friends.

The younger son, Scott, and I stayed over in Washington and did some of the sights.

Like the U.S. Capitol.

Now, 36 years later, Scott is 53 years old and lives in Florida.

Today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, son.


Tom Cochrun said...

Your new header/banner photo is powerful and reflective. Neat.
Let us add to the chorus of Happy Birthday to Scott.
Looking back is reminder of how rich is the life of a journalist eh?

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Tom.

Jager said...

I love going to DC. On one of my trips there, it was Veterans Day and we went to the Vietnam Memorial that night for a candle light ceremony.

My girls are in their 40's,having middle aged kids brings a guy up short doesn't it?

Catalyst said...

Oh, yeah.

Should Fish More said...

I spent Christmas in DC that year, just before my oldest daughter and I headed to Mulege Baja for a month.
Y'know, half the population of the world wasn't even born yet then.

Stephen Hayes said...

Happy Birthday Scott. I visited DC in 1990 and had a great time. It was an inexpensive place to visit back then, probably because taxpayers had already paid for everything.

L Lewis said...

Great shot of the tribe at the library. I think that is my favorite of the sculptures there.

Val said...

I will need more details. Looks like Scott is playing a hand of poker, and you brought a brown-bag lunch.

Can you even sit on a fence like that in front of the Capitol these days?

Catalyst said...

Val, your powers of observation are amazing.

And I don't know about the fence. I've not been there for many years.

Lowandslow said...

Happy Birthday Scott. I hope you and your dad at least had a nice long distance birthday visit this year. :)

The Bug said...

I was thinking, 53 is kind of getting up there. Yeah, Scott is almost exactly one year older than I am. Ha! Happy birthday to him!