Sunday, February 28, 2016


I paid a visit to a trade show at the Prescott Resort yesterday.

I had expected to see a lot of leather saddles and the like but what I saw were raw and dyed leather and scads of tools for working with it.

These are hand made knives for working with leather.

The maker and dealer brought them from his home in Libby, Montana.

And those are tools for stamping designs in the leather.

There were saddle forms ready to be covered with leather and these fancy spurs.

There were a few finished products at the show.

This beautiful and intricate design.

And one of the attendees was wearing a great jacket which he showed off for me.

THOSE are some fringes!

As you might imagine there were a lot of western hats on heads throughout the show.

And it's hard to tell in the above photo but the gent on the left had a moustach with two strands that hung down six inches or more from his upper lip.

The three-day show was well-attended and included workshops for those interested.

Kind of makes one realize once again that the days of the Old West are not that far in the past.


Anonymous said...

Did you see BBB there?


Catalyst said...

O.K. Steve, who is BBB?

Anonymous said...

Bob Bose Bell.

Catalyst said...

Ahh! No I don't know if he was there or not.

Jager said...

I love the smell of well tanned leather in the morning.

Zhoen said...

Living memory, really. Love the moustache!

Stephen Hayes said...

I alway envied my neighbor's cool leather items made by his dad--- in jail.

Jarret Dud said...

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