Saturday, February 27, 2016


I always hesitate to say it at this time of year because of the area's history of March snowstorms but this year it looks like that may be beyond us.

I checked the forecast for the next 10 days and the high temperature is only expected to dip into the 60's one day.

So winter may be over.

The wild cherry trees would seem to believe that.

This is Jim and Nancy Jo's tree across the street from us.

They're from Devils Lake, North Dakota, and probably pretty glad of it.

Denny and Marty, next door to them, also have one blooming well.

So let us enjoy the beautiful weather we're having with temperatures every day in the mid 70's and maybe hope for rain (not snow) this spring.


Jager said...

Cakes was gardening all day today in SoCal...I helped, after my nap.

joeh said...

Cherry Trees never lie. Do they?

Stephen Hayes said...

A glorious beginning to Spring and nicer weather.

Tom Cochrun said...

Gorgeous! Love this time of year when the flowering trees are in bloom. We were out in the Paso Robles west side wine country today and it was full of flowering trees.

The Bug said...