Friday, March 11, 2016


I was going to post today about my visit to the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.

But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Because today is Friday and we have no need for peace today.

Even though last night's GOP Presidential Debate was pretty civil, according to the participants and people who watched it.

I understand the Drudge Report called it "boring."

But enough about that.

Let's get on with the REAL humor.

Arrrrggghhh! That's a terrible thought.

So we'll quit now.

Gentle Readers, I want you to have an exceptionally splendid weekend.

Keep those cards and letters (and cartoons) coming and always remember to keep laughing.

Here, kitty-kitty.

(Oh, no, who let the cat out??!!!)


  1. Good stuff! Love the alligator vs. JW's.

  2. Yeah, those gators are a hoot.

  3. And JW's are just so popular, aren't they? :)

  4. I can't wait for my next unsolicited sales phone call....I'm gonna use that one about "blood everywhere". Hahaha! Thanks....

  5. Thanks as always for the laughs. Love the fireman reference.

  6. Thanks. Those really made me laugh. Especially the one about the blocked call.

  7. Is it just because I work in surgery that I think the "It's done, but there's blood everywhere" one is the best ever?

  8. Ha! Fun ones this week. I loved the liver surprise :)


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