Thursday, March 10, 2016


I'm not sure when this photo was taken but I believe it was a couple of kitchens or more back.

I note my beard was still basically brownish-red except for the chin whiskers which were turning gray.

That t-shirt has long since gotten too small for me to wear and was discarded.

And I haven't worn that watch for many years.

But this photo demonstrates the Catalyst's first rule of Italian cooking: When you make lasagna, don't get none on ya'!


joeh said...

I recognize the 1970's stove.

Mmmm I do love lasagna. Like wine, it improves with age.

Jager said...

Made one last week for dinner, I was looking forward to the left-overs. Didn't get any because Cakes and her business partner we working upstairs in the office and they got hungry...

I believe that stove was the "Harvest Gold" color so popular 40 years ago.

Stephen Hayes said...

Looks like a pretty food lasagna. Is that an "almond" color stove? Haven't seen that appliance color in ages.

Tom Cochrun said...

It is great seeing the "Sherlockian" process of your mind as you work through historical artifacts.