Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ON THE ROAD (again)

Okay, so I cheated yesterday.

I used a photo for my Tuesday Travels post that I had used before.

Maybe I was distracted by Super Tuesday 2.

So here's a pic you can file under Tuesday Travels or Wednesday Woes.


It was taken recently at a stop on the road to Jerome and the Verde Valley and Sedona.

Nice road.

Beautiful scenery.

It's about 25 miles from my door.

Lucky me.


joeh said...

I am working on that song lately. Willie does it a bit better.

Jager said...

Been on that road-nice drive.

Stephen Hayes said...

You live close to one of the most scenic areas in the country.

Tom Cochrun said...

It is a beautiful stretch of road. You are forgiven your use of a previously posted photo. You haven't been quite right since you've been watching those Trump rallies.

Val said...

Yikes! Lovely scenery aside...that's like a mule trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.