Monday, March 21, 2016


SWMBO prepared one of my favorite meals last night.

Chicken Piccata.

The sauce is butter, lemon, capers and white wine.

(We were out of white wine so she used a dash of vodka.)

Our entree is customarily served with Fettucini Alfredo.

My contribution was a couple of baguettes, baked earlier in the day.

It is a meal fit for a king.

I discovered it many years ago in a Georgetown, D.C. restaurant while visiting with an old pal, Frank.

It was actually veal in the restaurant.

But it was that sauce that attracted and eluded me for quite some time until we found a recipe in Bon Appetit magazine and discovered the secret ingredient to kick it up a notch were the capers.


And I'm happy to report there were enough leftovers last night for a repeat performance soon.

I've said it before.

I'm a lucky man.


Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering.


Tom Cochrun said...

The touch of vodka is inspired! Looks good.

joeh said...

On of my favorites!

Stephen Hayes said...

I must say you eat well. This looks delicious.

Should Fish More said...

The first place I tried this was the "Italian Kitchen", in Sonoma Co. in the early 80's, but with veal. Yes, the capers and the leeching of the lemon down in the cooking process is key.
Looks excellent, I expect you enjoyed.

Frank Phillippi said...

Looks wonderful. I am still a fan although don't make it into Georgetown much any more.

L Lewis said...

Ah, those were the days of dairy, carbs, alcohol . . .