Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Back in the 1970's when I was a television news reporter in Phoenix most of my travels were related to my job.

In those days the man who became Baseball Steve was my photographer on many of those trips.

Here we are, "hard at work", high atop what I referred to as The Dread Mogollon Rim, known to the average person as just the Mogollon Rim, in Northern Arizona.

As you can see by our attire, it can get chilly even in sun-swathed Arizona.

I am standing very close to the edge of the rim, with a vertical drop of a couple of hundred feet straight down just behind me.

SWMBO says I always had to go right to the edge of places like that in my younger days. 

False courage, I suspect.


  1. Aye, Laddie. I remember a few occasions of clambering to the edge with you in your beloved Arizona.

  2. I used to like to go to the edge of things too, but I'm a lot more cautious now!

  3. From the look of your hair, the wind was blowing in the direction of the ledge.

    I won't even get close to a window in a skyscraper.

  4. I don't mind getting close to the edge in high places, but Mrs. C. stays a safe distance away.

  5. Brings back memories of lugging around the dreaded Auricon film camera. Still looks heavy

  6. I don't mind heights, as long as my feet feel secure. My feet feel less secure every passing year.

  7. I have vertigo just looking at that.

  8. That's no country for short shorts.


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