Monday, March 28, 2016


It's something I had read about awhile back.

I told SWMBO about it.

She turned up her nose.

Basically, it's an egg cooked in oil in a very hot pan until the bottom is brown and crispy, the white is set and the yolk is still liquid.

It's delicious!

You can read about it here in a posting by Deb Perelman on her blog The Smitten Kitchen.

She's a New York lady who cooks in a tiny kitchen in one of those typical apartments in the Big Apple.

But she keeps coming up with amazing recipes.

Be sure you click on the link in her article for the short video showing a New York chef, Frank Prisinzano, doing a crispy egg.

I showered my egg with some coarse Sea Salt and a dash of Mrs. Dash, SWMBO's go-to spice seasoning.

But you can use whatever herbs or spices you prefer and serve the egg over anything from a simple plate to toast to spaghetti.

It's a good 'un.  Try it.

And let me know what you think.


L Lewis said...

Rick will probably like this. I watched the Netflix series "I'll Have What Phil's Having" and learned to cook a true French omelette. The key is a low heat pan. No browning. So we may give this crispy egg a whirl.

Jager said...

My grandmother's eggs were always crispy-fried in extremely hot bacon grease...when we have bacon I put a spoonful of the grease in the melted butter before I fry the eggs.

Catalyst said...

Apparently there is nothing new under the sun.

Should Fish More said...

Was a common thing in cafe's and restaurant's when I was a kid, called 'sunny side up'.

Tom Cochrun said...

Not sure if it was her intent, but that is how my mom made fried eggs. A very hot skillet and she used bacon fat which she kept in a coffee can on the stove.
Think I will experiment but with olive oil.

Zhoen said...

That's sorta how my eggs turn out when I'm not paying attention. I do use butter, but I don't add seasonings, at most a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Like 'em, but they are a little hard to cut with just a fork. If I try to do Slap in the Face, I usually break the yolk, again, accidentally.

Catalyst said...

Wait a minute - what is Slap in the Face?

Stephen Hayes said...

This sounds a lot like a blind folded egg, where you don't flip it over at all but splash the oil over the top.

Catalyst said...

As you can see from the notes on her recipe, you may do that if you like but you don't have to.

deb said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Zhoen said...

The opposite of Sunny-side-up.

The Bug said...

I do that by accident sometimes - yum!