Saturday, April 23, 2016


The calendar says it's Spring.

Warmer temperatures say it's Spring.

The singing birds say it's Spring.

The budding and then leafing out of the trees say it's Spring.

Torrential rainstorms and tornadoes and sudden snow storms in the "other parts of the country" say it's Spring.

But here's a sure sign it's Spring.

When the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's put out pots of flowering plants, tempting you to do some gardening.

We'll still get some cooler weather but as the waning days of April move past and May rapidly approaches, it may be safe to plant.

(SWMBO filled three pots on our patio with herb plants the other day.)

A couple of smaller and lower photinia plants are full of blossoms in the back yard.

Yes, I believe Spring has sprung.

Which always reminds me of a bit of roadside doggerel from Burma Shave signs of my youth.

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
Where last year's
Careless Drivers is

--Burma Shave--


Jager said...

Cakes made the flower pilgrimage last week.

Stephen Hayes said...

I prefer cultivating friendships with people who love to garden and they give me wonderful flowers without me having to get my hands dirty.

joeh said...

At out townhouse the association does the yards, but I do take at least one weekend to plant a new bush or two and some annuals. Then I'm done for the year.

Tom Cochrun said...

Nature's palate is unendingly beautiful. Glad you are getting some beautiful spring up there.