Sunday, April 24, 2016

ANOTHER MILESTONE (not millstone)

As I have been reminded many times this morning, I am now marking the beginning of my 76th* year on this planet.


I shouldn't complain, though.

Some of my friends are aging, too, and these shots are from A YEAR AGO!

It's curious but the older one gets the more birthday greetings one seems to get.

Ah well, I'll just settle down and see what SWMBO cooks up for my special dinner.

So, Gentle Readers, as I say every Friday, you just have to keep on laughing.

Now, where's that darned cat?

* - After I posted this, my friend (?) DK emailed me to point out that I am actually beginning my 77th year. She reminded me that my first year was completed when I became one year old. I feel so much better now. :^(


joeh said...

Happy Birthday! At least as we get older, the consequences of our screw-ups are not as great.

Jager said...

1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111-aw to hell with Happy Birthday you old "bastid"

Should Fish More said...

Happy Birthday pal, I admire those that are, lemme see how I can put this.....a half decade older than me. You keep paving the way, I'll stumble behind.

Anonymous said...

Have a great one, but not too much cake and tipple.


Stephen Hayes said...

You're the youngest 76 year old I know. Happy Birthday.

L Lewis said...

Enjoyed last night! Sort of an early celebration for you. What a gorgeous day to have a birthday! Remember: "Youth is a Gift of Nature, Age is a Work of Art".

Tom Cochrun said...

Hope you are enjoying the festivities. We'll celebrate when we come east. Cheers ol buddy.

Tom said...

The "Sunday Smileys" could catch on. Many happy returns!

Zhoen said...

Our circle of friends' traditional birthday song.

Older beats the alternative.

Catalyst said...

Zhoen, that video is hilarious! Thank you!

Thérèse said...

Happy many returns Bruce!