Sunday, April 10, 2016


People driving by the Prescott Valley Civic Center recently may have wondered about a field of  blue and silver pinwheels.

The grassy area is occasionally used for displays of this type to commemorate something.

This field of pinwheels . . 3,000 of them . . was recently "planted" to mark Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The number represents the approximate number of children under age six who live in Prescott Valley.


Jager said...

If they wonder about the pinwheels, maybe they'll start to think about child abuse and the pinwheels will have done their job.

L Lewis said...

Well, thanks intrepid reporter. I thought they were for graduation!

Stephen Hayes said...

It's an interesting idea, provided people understand what they're about.

Tom Cochrun said...

An impressive display.

Linda said...

Very nice display! The black cat in your header looks very much like a cat that I once had, and she was truly beautiful.

Catalyst said...

Linda, that is Blackwell, my constant companion.