Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I cook occasionally.

Not much.

But SWMBO has been cooking for a long, long time.

She is a master.

Even with new recipes.

For example . . .

A roasted, spatchcocked chicken with lemon and herbs under the skin.

Sliced eggplant grilled counter-top in a George Foreman grill, then topped with feta cheese.

Accompanied by some sauced orecchiette (I did the pasta, whoop, whoop), garlic bread and a salad.

A meal fit for a king.

But not a cat.

"C'mon, man, where's mine?", sayeth the Blackwell.

(He always comes around and begs when we're in the kitchen but he won't eat any "human food".)


Jager said...

Next time you go to Trader Joe's pick up a jar of their garlic sauce...SWMBO can use it in anything, you to for that matter. As far as that meal goes, give me your egg plant and you can have my pasta.

Catalyst said...

Actually the Sauce did come from TJ's. It's called Trader Giotto's Arrabiata Sauce. But the orecchiette didn't stand up to it by itself. When I do some tonight I'll use Ziti.

L Lewis said...

Once again, you sure do eat well!

Zhoen said...

Our blackcat, Moby, also turns up his nose at human food. And "treats" as well. Not even catnip. It's poultry or nothin'. Occasionally good cheese.

Stephen Hayes said...

That chicken looks incredible. You always make my stomach growl thanks to these wonderful recipes.

Should Fish More said...

Chicken looks amazing, never could get past the texture of eggplant though. You eat well for someone of your svelte stature.

Tom Cochrun said...

Another wonderful meal at the Catalyst's casa!

Bill said...

I had to google "spatchcocked."

The Bug said...

That looks fabulous!!