Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I was not born under the sign of Acquarius.

But it might seem that I was by virtue of my love for water in my travels.

From my very early days with Dr. Jim at Carlyle Lake in Saskatchewan.

(Caution for delicate sensibilities - there will be partial nudity in this post.)

To Lake Michigan on a visit to Chicago to see my boys.

To Kentucky Lake in, naturally, Kentucky.

To Lynx Lake in Arizona.

To a mountain stream in Colorado.

To Huntington Beach and the Pacific in California, with my longtime buddy Timmer.

To the blue Mediterranean at Monaco.

To a sailing day aboard the Sand Dollar II, with its captain Harry, off Guaymas, Mexico.

To working on a tan (and a drink) at a beach cottage somewhere further south on the Pacific Coast in Mexico.

To a snorkeling trip with Baseball Steve just south of Puerto Vallarta.

To a lunch with SWMBO and the BRD near the water in Baja California at Ensenada.

And a visit with Tom and Lana in Central California and a trip to San Simeon Beach.

Always the water has drawn me.

So now I'm an old man and what do I do with my time?

Frequently I'm found staring at the water.


L Lewis said...

Nice wrap up at the end!

Jager said...

Good thing you are well covered in the last photo...

Tom Cochrun said...

One is tempted to say something about "the old man and the sea!" but we won't. However the picture of you in the snorkel mask is one of the funniest, and in some ways disturbing, photo's I've seen. Then there is the shot of you by the mountain stream-catching flies were you? or preparing to expectorate?

Jager said...

Looks a little like that shot of the football player in the "grass mask"

Stephen Hayes said...

There's something magical about water and, like you, I'm mesmerized by it.

Val said...

Now I have the urge to use the facilities. Let the record show that it has nothing to do with the pictures of you, but everything to do with SO MUCH water. And I AM an Aquarius.

Thérèse said...

Water is magic!
Harder to find in the desert though...