Thursday, May 12, 2016


One way to get rid of some of the past.

Peddler's Pass swap meet back when we were still driving the Blue Streak - a 1986-1/2 Volkswagen Quantum station wagon.

That car lasted us a good many years, through Mexico and back, before it gave up the ghost and was towed away.

I'm beginning to wonder when I'll be towed away.


  1. Well, the ultimate swap meet is coming up on Saturday! The Stoneridge Garage Sales! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I will be at the Home and Garden Show at the Event Center. When 200+ residents swap their crap for your crap. It's hilarious when you look at it that way. I love that chair you are sitting in. Wanna swap it?

  2. Love the comic - but I'm not sure I remember that far back :)

  3. You still have many good miles left before you're towed away.

  4. Somehow the Blue Streak never hit our screen. You probably met some interesting folk at those Peddler's meets.

  5. What were you, an octopus? I see about eight baseball gloves on that table! Or maybe they're not baseball gloves at all. Maybe it's a stack of squirrel pelts. Or a fox stole. And I could swear that in the area under that table, I see a giant stuffed mouse head. Maybe it's time for new glasses...


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