Wednesday, June 1, 2016


The temperature rose to 92 degrees F. here today.

By Saturday, it's supposed to top out at 103 before skidding back into the 80's by the end of next week.

But it's not bad.

I was just sitting out on the patio at 85 degrees or so and there was a cooling breeze blowing and a relative humidity of around 11 per cent.

Contrast that with Key Largo, where my blogger friend Stephen, aka The Chubby Chatterbox, was recently with it's humidity of 100 per cent!

So, like they say, "it's a dry heat."


Think of the poor citizens of Phoenix, just 80 to 90 miles from where I live.

On Saturday, the Weather Gods say their forecast high temperature will be 117 degrees Fahrenheit.

To those of you who live in a Centigrade/Celsius universe, that equates to around 47 degrees C.

And that, my friends, is hot.

Hot by any standard.

As hot as the open door of a blast furnace.

And it's only June.

But I was looking through some pictures from the home I grew up in, in North Dakota, today and I offer them as contrast.

And perhaps relief to my Phoenix friends.

Now granted, I exaggerate the contrast.

Judging from the wreath on the front door, this was sometime in December of a time long ago.

But still.

This is why I no longer live in North Dakota.

You don't have to shovel sunshine.


L Lewis said...

Wow. Great bumper sticker! "You Don't Have to Shovel Sunshine!" Perfect!

Catalyst said...

Wish I could take credit, Lori, but it's been around for years.

Tom Cochrun said...

That's a ton of snow around the Taylor casa. I recall Indiana winters with snow paths like that. Happy they are now the province of memory.

We had mid day clearing, blue sky, warm sun and in the 60's -book ended by clouds or fog. Evening fog is ghosting in now. We appreciate every ounce of moisture.

L Lewis said...

Never heard it because I'd been living in those pictures above. Dark skies and snow. Who knew?

Lowandslow said...

I think the perfect world would give each of us two homes, one for the summer, and one for the winter. I doubt either of mine would be in ND or FL. ;)

Stephen Hayes said...

Love that line: You don't have to shovel sunshine!

quilteddogs said...

I will take the heat of Phoenix any day to the cold of the Midwest.

The Bug said...

Somehow your blog has disappeared from my blog roll. I was worried about you until I thought to check out Facebook :)

It's been warmish and humid here in Ohio. Ugh.