Thursday, June 2, 2016


Back in 1972, I was preparing to leave WIBC Radio in Indianapolis for an uncertain future in Phoenix.

One day in the newsroom as I stretched my very long legs I was joined by my young colleague, Tom Cochrun, (behind me) and the wizard of our associated FM radio station, WNAP.

That long-haired goofball was the legendary Cris Conner, also known on the air as Moto Groove.

Sorry about the exposure. The picture was an old Polaroid taken against a bright window behind us.

You will notice that Tom and I are properly clad in our neckties and striped shirts while Cris (one of the resident hippies from the station called The Buzzard) is in his much more comfortable tee shirt.

That may account for his big smile.

Tom and Cris have both been inducted into the Indiana Broadcasting Hall of Fame for their years in Indianapolis.

Good guys.  Good memories.


Tom Cochrun said...

An historic site there; typewriter, an old editing console, complete with a patch panel, those drapes (purchased new) probably some of the most hideous ever but necessary to block the sun and other things*, stripped shirts and patterned ties in combination (who thought that up?) long hair, young bucks and radio broadcasters who loved the job and being creative. A great era!
* One Sunday as I riding the news desk someone driving up N. Illinois took a pot shot through that window. They figured it was a pellet or "zip" gun, but there was never an arrest.

Stephen Hayes said...

Love those shirt and tie combinations. This picture was taken two years before I got married. Where has the time gone?

Should Fish More said...

In enjoy reading about the life and times of you and your distinguished colleagues, I find your lives were as ordinary or simple as the rest of the plebes.....I finished up several chests for Al Starr, etc.... but you guys actually recorded the time, and it's what people, if they even do, look at what we were like back then will see your version.
Kind of funny. I think you often got it right, but there were so many other dimensions, and sides to every one of our issues.
I guess that's the issue with history, eh? When we read about Victorian England, there are many viewpoints we are ignorant of.

L Lewis said...

And I thought it was Friday Funnies today. Damn holidays.