Sunday, July 3, 2016


Beautiful big clouds in the sky yesterday evening.

It's interesting to watch them change color as the sun sinks toward the westward horizon.

We had a visit from one of my good friends.

Reggie has Lori Down the Street on the other end of that leash.

The first time I encountered him, he came running toward me barking fiercely.

But Lori called him back and then I learned his name and petted him and told him what a good dog he was.

Now, whenever he spots me on his daily walks he comes up to me, whining for a rubdown.

He's a good dog.

This morning there was a lot of activity at the bird bath, capped off by this visitor that the Blue Cat seemed to be viewing with resentment.

I've given up trying to scare the mourning doves away.

They seem to be too dumb to get frightened and with the hot weather here I figured they need water too.

Call it peaceful coexistence.

Or just call me an old softie.


L Lewis said...

Reggie says thank you! We are painting the ceilings today (as you know). When Rick took down the smoke alarms they began to go off. Reggie headed for the hills. So when I went to Home Cheapo for more paint, I took Reggie with me to get him out of the chaos. It was popcorn day and someone who had a 15 year old Queensland made a big fuss over Reggie while we were in the store. All in all, not too bad of a dog trip. I can't believe this has turned into a 3 day work weekend.

Catalyst said...

There is no rest for the Rick-ed!

Tom Cochrun said...

Gorgeous clouds!

Val said...

Lovin' the Reggie pic! He looks like he could be a long-lost relative on Puppy Jack's father's side. Except he's blue, not red.

Stephen Hayes said...

Not an old softie, but certainly a kind-hearted one.

Lowandslow said...

Reggie is your new best friend for life it looks like. Lucky you...AND him. :)

Zhoen said...

Nimbo Cumulo!

Good to have nice dog-neighbors.

Steve said...

What breed of dog is it?

Catalyst said...

I believe it's a Blue Heeler, Steve.